Workshop 6: What Do We Do When We Feel Unmotivated or Numb Inside? Ma’amar – V’Isha Achas


Workshop #6

What Do We Do When We Feel Unmotivated or Numb Inside? Ma’amar – V’Isha Achas
(A Chassidic Discourse beginning with the words, “There once was a woman…”)

Sometimes in our life there are situations that cause us to feel down and de-energized. The tricky aspect of feeling numb and “dead” inside, is the lack of energy itself, which causes even more apathy and entropy. The biggest problem when we are down is not how to get up, but how to want to get back up – how to start the motion altogether. The most critical challenge is how to get over the first threshold – how to begin stepping out onto the “path.” Once we begin the process, taking even the most cautious, “baby steps,” puts us in a better position to get “unstuck.” Once the process has begun, even the most deadly numbness and indifference can be dispelled.


In this workshop, we will explore the Biblical narrative and learn how Elisha gave a poor widow hope to live, by reconnecting her with her “spark” of vitality. We will then delve into the original source text of The Alter Rebbe’s discourse – V’Isha Achas. Through the metaphors of the Haftarah, the Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, teaches us very significant principles in self-growth. The artful and insightful metaphors of this Haftorah portion and The Rebbe’s elucidation will be life altering! These age-old Torah and Chassidic concepts predate current understanding of cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, neuroplasticity, and more!

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