Shlichus & Teaching

  • “When in need of professional help for one our students or alumnae, I feel confident in turning to Rus Devorah. She has also provided tremendous guidance for our staff members who interact with our students on a daily basis. Additionally, her musical talent coupled with her outgoing personality creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm.”

    Rabbi Shloma Majeski,
    Dean of Machon Chana Institute, Brooklyn, NY

  • “With more than 25 years of experience teaching and lecturing, Rus Devorah is so well versed in many areas of both secular knowledge as well as Torah and Chassidus, that anyone listening to her is bound to learn something new. The additional musical component she brings with her when she asked to sing and play guitar, enhances her ability to engage others, and infuse their experience with positivity and joy!”

    Esty Grossbaum
    Lubavitcher Shlucha Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • “I've known Rus Devorah since I was a single girl attending Bais Rivkah in Crown Heights. Since the time I met her (at that time as a "farbrenger" and song leader), she has always been an inspiring motivator and community leader. Recently, we reconnected when she provided some Shabbos programming for us in Markham, Ontario. Whomever she spoke for-- from a mixed crowd to women only, to post-seminary girls-- they were not only entertained and inspired but also felt her genuine warmth and charismatic personality. Rus Devorah is learned in Torah as well as in her professional fields of healing and therapy. With confidence, I encourage my peers/shluchos to utilize her versatility for any sort of programming or services in their organizations.”

    Rebbetzin Goldie Plotkin
    Co-Director Chabad Lubavitch of Markham, Director, Torah Tots Preschool Markham, Ontario, Canada

  • “My relationship with Rus Devorah dates back close to 30 years. Rus Devorah's role for our Chabad House has ranged from the keynote speaker at Shabbatons and retreats, advisor and development consultant for my husband and myself, counselor and friend to countless students and alumni, and finally, honoree for our 21st Anniversary Fundraising Event. As soon as Rus Devorah enters any Chabad House anywhere in the world, her devotion, creativity, sheer talent, and love for every individual becomes evident. This is her remarkable gift. Rus Devorah has an unquenchable love for Hashem, and enormous intellectual capacity, enabling her to spread her enthusiasm and wisdom to those whom she encounters. She constantly strives to reach deeper and to learn new ways to be effective in helping others serve Hashem with joy and to better the world in which we live.”

    Rebbetzin Sara Weinstein
    Co-Director of Chabad on Campus (University Pittsburgh/Chatham) Pittsburgh, PA

  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Rus Devorah on many different levels and types of projects, as well as on a personal basis. Her farbrengens at the Ivy League Torah Study Program during the summers that I directed were nothing less than transformational for the students. Her workshops at Machon Chana Women's Yeshiva highlighting her unique and Chassidus-based CBT exercises were beneficial to all who attended. She has also generously farbrenged and performed at the Machon Chana dorm for an all-women's Simchas Beis HaSho’eiva program each year to the delight of all. Recently, she hosted a Shabbaton for Machon Chana students at her home in Buffalo, NY that had the participants glowing for weeks. I have sought Rus Devorah's professional expertise in my work with young women as well as her advice and guidance for me personally, in understanding myself better.”

    Yehudis Cohen
    Writer/Editor of L’Chayim Weekly Magazine, Mashpia at Machon Chana Women's Institute Brooklyn, NY

  • “Rus Devorah has a particular niche and strength as being both a therapist and a healer. She approaches each person as a whole, connecting the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of that individual through a positive perspective. Her powerful way of working has a high impact on others and has brought much success for her clients.”

    Chaya Abelsky
    Life Coach at Triumphant Journeys New York City, NY

  • “I have consulted with Rus Devorah Wallen over the past few years with regard to young men with whom I have had dealings. I have really appreciated her insight and guidance. I have found her to be knowledgeable and resourceful and those I have sent her way have always been pleased with the positive results they have attained.”

    Rabbi Yehoshua Werde
    Founder, and Director at C.H.Y.E (Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs, Mentor for At-Risk Youth, Brooklyn, NY

  • "Rus Devorah has the rare ability to be able to understand people of all walks of life. Her deep-rooted knowledge and feeling for Chassidus blended with her compassion makes her the special blend which she is."

    Rabbi Yossi Jacobs BA (BHL)
    Chief Minister Birmingham Hebrew Congregation, Birmingham, UK

  • “Rus Devorah is a highly competent and empathic individual who is committed to everything she stands for including both her Yiddishkeit and her profession. She is way above the average person in terms of her knowledge and she is constantly growing and changing as she works to better herself in all that she does. She is open to new ideas and knows how to filter that which she learns in order to enhance her work and knowledge base. Her warmth, caring and wonderful sense of humor allow her to continuously enrich the lives of others. She is well respected by many Rabbis and professionals in her field. Her musical talent is an additional gift that she brings along with her great expertise.”

    Rabbi Yisroel Heschel Greenberg
    Director Jewish Discovery Center Amherst, NY

  • “Rus Devorah Wallen is a fine and caring person who wants what is best for her clients. In my work with her, what I appreciate most is her willingness to work collaboratively and her result-oriented approach.”

    Rabbi Moshe Taub
    Young Israel of Holliswood - Holliswood Jewish Center, Rabbinic Editor and Contributor of Ami Magazine

  • “Dear Ruth Devorah, I thank you, as always, for always being available to me to answer my mental health-related questions. You have been extremely helpful to me in giving me a sense of balance (regarding matters of Yiddishkeit and mental health) in helping people deal with and reconciling conflicts in their lives. As we have discussed so many times, in this business the line between what is Shlichus, directly and indirectly, becomes almost impossible to discern, making what you do, very simply, holy work. Though I don’t understand completely all that you do, but I understand it well enough to see how holy it is. Keep up the good work.”

    Rabbi Yossi Paltiel
    Mashpia and Teacher at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva and Machon Chana Women’s Institute Brooklyn, NY

Perinatal Issues and Clinical Supervision

  • “I came into contact with Rus Devorah several years ago when she co-founded SPARKS (Serving Postpartum Women and Families with Awareness, Relief, Knowledge, and Support). I had the pleasure to meet Rus Devorah in person when I was invited to provide training on perinatal disorders to her and the SPARKS' professionals. It was obvious then, and confirmed since, that I was placing the mantle of training and educating for SPARKS into the right hands. As the clinical supervisor of SPARKS, she has shown excellent clinical skills as well as leadership and motivational qualities. Well informed about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, she has educated hundreds and directly helped numerous clients and their families weather the postpartum storm. Rus Devorah is a wonderful mentor and trainer to professionals and laypeople alike in this very important field. I highly endorse her work.”

    Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D.
    Clinical Psychologist, Author of Postpartum Depression For Dummies San Francisco, CA

  • "Rus Devorah is a creative, caring, and insightful supervisor and clinician. Her warmth and optimism make her skill and talent even more effective. She is truly gifted, and working with her has been a gift."

    Rabbi Yitzchak Shmuel Ackerman
    LMHC, Counselor in Private Practice, Educational Consultant, Parenting Columnist for the Flatbush Jewish Journal Brooklyn, NY

Music & Sound Healing

  • “For the past few years I have worked with Rus Devorah as a mentor for her sound healing projects. I knew her originally as a talented therapist and a budding recording artist with a passion for composing therapeutic music for her clients, colleagues, and friends. As soon as I referred her to David Gibson of The Globe Institute for Sound Healing, she took an advanced course with him to expand her ability as a composer. Rus Devorah is a born healer with a huge heart who uses her G-d given gifts in the service of others. Whether teaching wellness principles, doing psychotherapy or composing music, her efforts are all for the purpose of helping and healing. Darcy is a sincere, receptive and creative individual whose passion for her work is inspiring. I am honored to mentor her in the field of sound healing and am excited to watch her continued success in this field.”

    Sharon Carne
    Founder of Sound Wellness Certified Sound Healer & Certified Acutonics Practitioner


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