Workshop 3: The Strangely Ironic Impact of The “Garments of the Soul” on our Subconscious


Workshop #3

The Strangely Ironic Impact of The “Garments of the Soul” on our Subconscious

According to ChaBaD Chassidus, Thought, Speech, and Deed are the external garments of the soul”. Chassidus teaches us that ironically, these “superficial” garments, when utilized in a certain way, can have a deep and profound impact on the neshama (soul) itself. The Alter Rebbe explains in a discourse that through practice, a person can change not only his character traits, but also his inner nature and personality! This is absolutely in line with the current understanding of neuroplasticity, the ability for the brain to grow and change. Chassidic philosophy shows its prescience in knowing the basic principles of neuroscience only discovered in the last few decades.


In this session we will study and translate the text of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s discourse, “V’lo Yikaneif Od Morecho”, (or “Vayishlach Yehoshua”). From these concepts, participants motivated for change will be able to:

  • See the profound effect simple thoughts, speech, and behaviors will have on their body, mind and soul
  • Acquire techniques to reprogram their thoughts, speech, and action
  • Learn the basis of this phenomenon from our age-old Teachings and its only modern neuroscience parallels

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