Workshop 2: Positive Thinking – Its Effect On Our Body, Soul and Pocket!


Workshop #2

Positive Thinking – Its Effect On Our Body, Soul and Pocket!

Often negative messages work their way into our unconscious and can cause harmful effects on our behaviors and health. Current research in psychoneuroimmunology shows how positive mental images and messages have visible health benefits (i.e., improved blood pressure, normalized metabolism, etc.).

Additionally, these negative messages may sabotage us from accomplishing our personal life goals.

ChaBaD Chassidus has answers, that when properly distilled are the ultimate self-help tools. One such concept, The Lubavitcher Rebbe has often reiterated, is the philosophy of the Tzemach Tzedek – “Tracht gut vet zein gut” – “Think optimistically and it will be good.” Although it may sound like a simple aphorism, this statement is actually a way of life that when embraced, can help us attain our wishes and goals.

By reframing our thinking patterns with the use of positive language, we can produce tangible, positive results that are readily experienced. This is a means of truly reprogramming the neuroplastic brain.

These concepts are only recently considered scientifically proven, yet the Torah has known them all along.


In this dynamic interactive workshop, you will learn how The Rebbe’s positive approach can help you:

  • Attain your life’s goals
  • Become aware of self-imposed obstacles and remove them
  • Feel “lighter”, happier, improve even physiological functioning
  • Become more optimistic and happier, and more satisfied with your life
  • Have impact on creating positive changes in your surroundings
  • Turn negative thinking patterns into positive ones

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