What Are Binaural Beats?

If you are a subscriber* to our site, you would have received the three initial emails describing my THREE-LEGGED STOOL™ system for self-regulation of body, mind, and soul that we outlined in our welcome email (CLICK HERE to read it again).

The most simple elements are:

1) A relaxed, slow breathing technique called, “THE BREATHING CONTEST™”

2) My signature meditation that responds to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s request for a clinical and religiously neutral “kosher-pareve” format of meditation to calm the mind – THE BEGINNER’S MEDITATION ON THE BREATH™


3) To read a letter in the book IN GOOD HANDS every night before bedtime to create a “calm balm” for the soul, to fall asleep more at ease. These letters give strength and encouragement to the reader.  They instill a sense of trust that G-d is taking care of you.

Doing each of these three activities at least one time daily is helpful for calming the whole system, body, mind, and soul. The more you practice them, the quicker the results. “Doubling up” speeds up the process.

In our recent posts, we have been talking about relaxing the body through GUIDED IMAGERY and conscious or intentional breathing.  Our upcoming theme, G-d willing, will focus on the mind through meditation THE BEGINNER’S MEDITATION ON THE BREATH (our upcoming theme). Prior we discussed sleep and the importance of good SLEEP HYGIENE for overall wellness. The most important facet of all of the above-mentioned techniques is that they slow us down and diminish the activation of our nervous system – body-mind-brain-soul. In our NOGA® SOUND SOLUTIONS™ audio, we use relaxing nature background sounds that are very pleasant and neutral such as rain, the ocean, birds, etc. Very subtly, we have embedded binaural beats “behind” the nature sounds. The binaural beats help entrain your brain waves to the brainwave state that is desired. Although, when listening to sound healing audio, you would not want to have it at a high volume, to see (actually hear 😉) the faint sound of the binaural beats, you can listen briefly with the volume up. You should hear a wobbly, warbly, oscillating sound that either gets slower or faster, depending on where you find yourself in the recording.  For more about binaural beats here’s the Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beat_(acoustics)#Binaural_beats

In NOGA® SLEEP SOLUTIONS™ (Vol. 2), The binaural beat track is programmed to bring you into a very deep state of sleep and relaxation, easing you into “Delta” waves. We begin the frequency at Beta, the day-to-day conscious and focused brain state.  Then, we gently bring you down to Alpha, which is the relaxed focused, creative flow state. Then to Theta, which is a deeply relaxed state.  Finally, taking the person to a deep Delta sleep state (1-4 Hz).  There are two options (15 or 30 minutes), depending on how long a person usually takes to fall asleep.
When you peruse our recordings, you will see this symbol  that shows you that you should use earphones or headphones to listen so you can benefit from the binaural beat technology.  Enjoy our Pre-Pesach FREE DOWNLOADS UNTIL AFTER PESACH (April 4th).

Feel free to choose any two of the selections below which contain binaural beat technology in the background.  Use the code: BnBTECH2

Safe Place Guided Imagery (either Beach or Forest and Stream)
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Meditations at Various Lengths (3-Minute Refreshing Pause7-Minute Stretch10-Minute Stretch)
NOGA® Sleep Solutions™ –
Bird in the Garden with Fountain: 15-Minute Sleep Loop with Binaural Beats
Jungle Atmosphere: 30-Minute Sleep Loop with Binaural Beats
Expanding and Contracting Focus Meditations – Ocean: 5 minutesOcean 7.5 minutesCalm Sea: 5 minutes or Calm Sea: 7.5 minutes

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With Gratitude,

Rus Devorah

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