Adding Time To Your Day?

In the last article (HERE) we discussed more ways to live mindfully present and in the moment. We also mentioned those people who say they have no time or have a hard time setting aside formal time to meditate daily. I acknowledge that it is difficult to do, especially in our fast-paced, twenty-first century life. I struggle with it in my own way. You may recall from earlier discussions that I have my own ADD stuff that gets in the way of staying focused and paying attention. That’s why I try my best to integrate some meditative effort in my day-to-day life. Whether a formal meditation, or just a staying present doing something, or for that matter, NOT doing anything, I try to get it in every day. As the famous meme directs us, “Don’t just do something, sit there!”

Last time I gave some hacks to help us become more present in various day-to-day activities. In this article, I I’d like to dispel the notion that people a believe they cannot “sit” there “doing nothing” since they don’t have that luxury of time. One aspect begins with the premise that a person really needs to prioritize something like meditation or other self-care and commit to it. For serious commitments, usually people find time or money to invest. Whether time consuming or very expensive, when something is meaningful or important to a us, we always find a way to do it. Do we have time for meditation? Yes, however, only if we really want to prioritize it. Then we’ll make the time.

My perspective on this is counterintuitive. You might think that sitting for 5-10 minutes takes time out of your day; that it’s a waste of time. It sounds right on paper; however, I see from my own personal and professional observation that it adds time to the day. Yes, you heard me! Staying more in the moment gives us more focus and intentionality, so we save time!

The irony of this phenomenon is that especially those people who say they can’t “take the time to smell the coffee,” are the ones who really need it the most! (I mean you, yes you.) We’ve discussed merry-go-round of the mind, the “machshova merry-go-round.” (CLICK HERE to read my Meditation Vs. Relaxation blog) That is the place our mind travels to when we get to overthinking. Stuck in our heads, some of us worry, obsess, vacillate between decisions, and more. The vacillation phenomenon I call “Lot’s Wife’s Syndrome.” Remember, when escaping Sodom, Lot and his wife were told not to turn around and look back. She did, and that caused her to become “petrified” into a pillar of salt. When we worry and vacillate, going back and forth in our minds, we get frozen in indecision and anxiety. Sometimes we get stuck in a thought loop (i.e., the “machshova merry-go-round”), and spend time and emotional energy. Often, the thought we’re having is something from the past or the future, and not even relevant in this moment. All these meanderings of the mind deplete time and energy. This makes it harder for us to come back and “task switch” to do things we were diverted from after the depletion. If we were to put together all those moments that we spaced out, phased out, dazed out, worried, obsessed, flip-flopped in our mind, it would certainly add up to more than six minutes, which is the length of The Beginner’s Meditation on The Breath™!

Give it a try it and see if it doesn’t give you a little bit more time that can be used more mindfully in the moment. My response to the Rebbe’s Request for a therapeutic and neutral meditation is The Beginner’s Meditation.
My Beginner’s Meditation on the Breath is always available for FREE!
CLICK HERE to download the audio: Introduction to the Beginner’s Meditation on the Breath
CLICK HERE o download the meditation audio: Beginner’s Meditation on the Breath Meditation

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to CLICK HERE and download my response to the Rebbe’s request for therapeutic meditation here. It will acquaint you with my work.

In honor of individuals (like me, or anyone living in our ADD-like world) for whom a lengthy meditation is a challenge, I am sharing my “Three-Minute Refreshing Pause” meditation as your gift this month of October. CLICK HERE to download your audio now.

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With Gratitude,

Rus Devorah

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