NOGA® SOULutions!!! Part 2 of 2

As we go around NOGA®’s Wheel of Wellbeing (let’s call it “WOW” from here on), (CLICK HERE to read about it), we have a little more explanation regarding the Soul Solutions wedge. Last time we wrote about the Torah’s concept of Noga or Kelipas Noga. (Click HERE to review that article.) In the discussion, I explained why our approach does not recommend any specific religion, allowing the reader to choose which spiritual path is appropriate for him or her. Although I am an Orthodox Jew, Judaism’s positive qualities can be found in other bona fide religions as well. Most of the main religions have similar caveats and principles that are universal and can be an asset to one’s health and well-being. There is much research that supports the advantage that spirituality has on one’s well-being and longevity! In various disciplines and fields of interest (Positive Psychology).

Neuroscience, specifically Neurotheology, Epigenetics), there is copious research to prove these points. One of the most famous American Neurotheologists, Dr. Andrew Newberg has studied this phenomenon for many years. Neurotheology is the field that explains how G-d is found in everyone’s brain (whether you like it or not)! As a matter of fact, one of Dr. Newberg‘s books is called Why God Won’t Go Away. Dr. Andrew Newberg helps us understand why G-d won’t “go away,” why we believe what we believe, how spiritual practices and enlightenment can change your brain, and more. In his research, when he scanned the brains of various religious devotees (Buddhists, Catholic Nuns, monks, etc.) the scans showed specific brain activity while they were involved in their religious practices. According to the research, It is obvious that there are long and short-term benefits to regular involvement in religious activities such as prayer, meditation, repeated movements, chanting, prayer beads, etc. It is for this reason, I developed my NOGA® brand. Since physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness can be approached from different cultural and spiritual paths, each person needs to find his or her own personalized direction.

In conclusion, while we strongly recommend that everyone find a spiritual path, we are not specifying which one to take. If an individual is born into a religion or spiritual tradition, the Torah explains that Divine Providence has placed that person there for a reason. Thus, according to many theologians (Jewish and non-Jewish), it is only proper for the person to delve into his or her own roots first to find a direction. If one does not find satisfaction there, it behooves him to continue exploring and excavating new territory, especially since we now know that an inspired life is a healthier and happier one.

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