NOGA® SOULutions!!! Part 1 of 2

As we go around NOGA®’s Wheel of Wellbeing (let’s call it “WOW” from here on), (CLICK HERE to read about it) we come up to Soul Solutions. I must backtrack before we get to this topic because this is the NOGA® “WOW,” and my NOGA® brand represents those health and well-being elements that do not have any specific religious or Jewish aspects. NOGA® is my play on the words “no yoga” combined with the word, “Noga” from the Holy Tongue. Noga is sometimes translated as “bright light,” a “shining” or “sparkly thing,” etc.  In Chassidic philosophy, which is based on Kabbalah, there is a concept that Noga refers to the category that is not forbidden nor a commandment either. Things that are holy, such as a prayer book or a ritual object, are considered in the realm of Kedusha which means holiness. Items that are absolutely forbidden, such as killing, stealing, or eating not kosher food for a Jew are prohibited and called Kelipah – literally meaning a shell or husk that remains closed and has “no shine.” However, there is a bright “Noga” spark embedded in neutral and permissible things such as the earth, a table, a pencil, an orange, etc. They do not have a holy or unholy aspect to them on their own, and are called, “Kelipas Noga” – the “husk that shines.” That area in the middle is like a tightrope in a certain sense since tilting in one direction or another can make a significant difference. In the laws of kashrus, something that is not meat nor milk is called “pareve.” Here, I am calling Noga things “pareve,” since they are neither holy nor profane until a human being interacts with them to change their status. If we utilize those things in the middle realm in the right way, we can crack the Kelipah – the shell, and elevate something that once was neutral, turning it into something good. By using these “pareve” things, we allow the effulgence to radiate. On the other hand, we can defame and degrade items in that realm too. For instance, one could jump on a table, use profanities, and be mean to the people around him. Or in another scenario, while people are eating a holiday meal they are saying blessings over the food, saying nice things to each other, telling fun things and meaningful stories, or talking holy words. They could have been using the same table, yet one person was doing something to denigrate it, and in the other scenario, they made positive use of it. In this case, the table, or the neutral item, became elevated vs. when it was defamed and disgraced when used for profane things.

This long preface helps you understand why with Soul Solutions I cannot tell you which spiritual path you take. At the same time, we encourage everyone to become involved in a spiritual path. Scientific studies show that having a spiritual life enhances one’s overall life and longevity. Even though we are not telling our readers which religion or spiritual path to choose, we do recommend taking the first step now for your health and overall well-being. Next time we will continue further on this because this is a very deep subject. (Well, is also a very deep subject 🙂)

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Rus Devorah

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