MIND SOLUTIONS – Make More Neural Connections!

Two articles ago we discussed NOGA®’s “Wheel of Wellbeing™” (CLICK HERE to read it again) which gives us the ability to enhance our wellness “tweak by tweak.”

This week, we will focus on the ORANGE wedge in the “Wheel of Wellbeing”™ which corresponds to Mind Solutions.  What does this mean?  Just like our body needs movement and exercise, so does the mind. Practicing certain activities regularly can improve your cognition and memory as well as increase longevity and more!

Probably the worst things for our brains and minds, these days are smart phones and other digital technology.  On one hand, these things are remarkable devices that can accomplish things that 25 years ago, one couldn’t even imagine. Yet, at the same time (as we’ve mentioned HERE in this blog), digital technology creates attention deficit. This is why I call these devices, “Weapons of Mass Distraction.”

We’re all plugged in yet tuned out!  This phenomenon subjects our brains to the various exciting stimuli – alluring sights, sounds, colors, and rewarding images, etc.  Our devices engulf, enchant, and sweep us away. We forget that we can be a chooser; without intention we are swept away by the firehose of information and stimulation.

As we’ve mentioned here, our wise or mature mind is available when we can choose and be intentional. This only occurs when we are not dragged away because of an emotional state.  In this state, we’re able to control where our attention goes. Which brings us back to mind solutions.

Settling the mind can be accomplished through relaxation and meditation techniques (see my NOGA® SOUND SOLUTIONS SHOP to purchase meditation or relaxation recordings).  I have also just beta-launched my free NOGA® Sound Solutions™ App (Apple and Android). Also, there is always a helpful download below 🙂

The mind can be accomplished by using intentional, attentional techniques, such as puzzles, mathematics problems, focal meditations, etc.

As you may recall, in a previous article we discussed the phenomenon of the holistic impact each NOGA Wellness Solutions® area on the others.  Even though the ideas below are specific for brain and mind, research proves that exercise, and MOVEMENT (see my last installment HERE) are fabulous for our brain, increasing blood flow to it!  Additionally, healthy food and hydration impact our brains directly by sending healing information and nutrition to them. Our brains are made mostly of various fats and water. “EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids),” especially Omega 3s, are in fact essential and must be obtained by dietary sources. These fats are the “lubricant“ that keeps the brain functioning well, facilitating better neuronal connections.

Expanding the mind and the overall growth of neurons occurs when we regularly do such things regularly, even a few times daily.  Consider any of the following ideas as a practice for your mind and brain health.  No one activity is better than the other.  You will be able to see which activity feels best for you when you’re in the “zone” as you perform it.

  • Meditation (See my free Beginner’s Meditation on the Breath™)
  • Go on a digital DIET. (my Digital D.I.E.T. handout)
  • Puzzles, Sudoku, Crossword, Wordle, etc.
  • A new language or brushing up on an old one (I’m learning Yiddish in a live class from Israel as well as using this app.  Check it out. (https://www.duolingo.com)
  • Do math computations in your head.
  • Imagining driving, walking, or biking somewhere, real or imagined, with detail in
  • Eat differently, i.e., with chopsticks or with your non-dominant hand
  • Learn a new hobby
  • Try to experience or imagine something with all (or many of) your senses, either on your own or with a guided audio recording. (See Safeplace Guided Imagery – Beach and Forest)
  • Play or learn a new instrument
  • Do something you’ve never done, and practice it until your proficient
  • Read your books and articles out loud
  • Learn a challenging subject such as philosophy, logic, Talmud, etc.
  • Practice memorizing things or use memory games.
  • Do regular things with your non-dominant hand (i.e., tooth brushing, eating, getting on or in a vehicle, starting by taking an intentional step with the other side).
  • Challenge your sense of taste by identifying flavors in your food through slow savoring.

By practicing any of these and many other activities that are brain-enhancing, you are investing not only in your brain, but your whole system – body, mind, and soul!

We love hearing from you, please feel free to leave your comments below.

With Gratitude,

Rus Devorah

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