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Now I’d like to turn to a subject that is very dear to my heart, soul, and mind (all three legs of the holistic stool) – Sound Healing. As a young child, I knew about the positive effects of music and sound. As a child I sang in our Temple choir, played piano, sang in school musicals, and more. Music gave me a great feeling through and through. As a child, I would experiment with frequency, vibration, and resonance. For instance, when I was about 10, I discovered sympathetic vibration or sympathetic resonance. This is when an object vibrates in response to another object’s vibrations if they have similar pitch or harmonics. For example, if you strike one tuning fork and hold it near another identical fork without touching it, the second fork will also start vibrating, “singing” the same pitch. This happens in musical instruments, for instance, where strings can vibrate in harmony with a tuning fork. How did I make my discovery? I would sing myself to sleep. Once, I noticed that when I held onto a particular pitch (vibrational frequency), the box springs picked up the note and buzzed along with my voice! I would experiment with that phenomenon, improvising chants into my mattress! I had no idea that in the future, they would find out that this phenomenon – toning with a sympathetic vibration is a sound healing format!

These were my earliest healing beginnings. Ultimately, through my music, my love of people, being an avid life-long learner and teacher, I got into the field of sound healing. As we have mentioned prior, each of us is a “biopsychosocial spiritual” individual. So, one person’s therapeutic tool may be unpleasant or detrimental for another person. Check out my handout for what might work for you best. In a previous article, (CLICK HERE), I spoke about the importance of customizing the work one does with clients.*

There are many aspects of this exciting and growing field. And you would be surprised at how many fun and simple things one can do with sound and vibrations. For instance, humming is not only fun, and feels good, lower pitched hums vibrate your body and relax it as well! Since most of our body is made up of water (approximately 60-70%) which carries vibrations, our body can be “sympathetically vibrated” or resonated with sound! Additionally, humming helps activate the vagus nerve, enhances nitric oxide, and thus promote relaxation and reduces stress. Try humming with headphones or earbuds on. The effect can be profound.  Each person can find his or her most beneficial sound healing hacks. Enjoy this download which shares a few ideas for home and on the way that require very little equipment. CLICK HERE to download it.

Lots of success in your sound healing journeys! If you would like to create your own, personalized audio, *please take advantage of my 10% off sale for CUSTOM SOUND HEALING AUDIO. Use CUSTOM10 at checkout. (CLICK HERE to find out more)

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With Gratitude,

Rus Devorah

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