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Early in my career as a licensed clinician, I worked in a psychotherapy clinic in Brooklyn. There we served Medicaid clients who came from all sorts of challenging walks of life. One of my clients, we’ll call her, “Anita,” was a very troubled woman. She was a single mom of a child she bore after being raped by her father. This depraved man was a minister, no less – a man of the cloth – sinister.  He also abused her in other ways, one of which was with an attempted drowning in a pool. She survived, but her poor soul was wracked with traumatic pain. She couldn’t work or manage her household. Her son did not get the best of her, to say the least. Her nervous system was a shambles, continuously anxious, on “high alert,” and frightened all the time. It’s as if she were “idling too high” all the time.

We worked on some basic relaxation techniques that were marginally effective. At the time I was training to be certified in hypnosis and hypnotherapy and thought guided imagery recordings might be helpful. Since she had been in the “system” for many years due to her circumstances, I asked her about if recordings had been helpful in the past. Discussing relaxation or guided imagery, she told me once that she had panicked when a previous therapist recommended that she go to Barnes & Noble and find a recording that was any sort of guided imagery for relaxation. She followed the instructions of that naïve therapist and picked something “off the shelf.” When she went home to listen to it, she had a very bad panic attack. Although this recording had beautiful ocean sounds in the background, unbeknownst to her, not knowing why it occurred, she had a full-blown panic attack and post-traumatic stress reaction listening to this “relaxation recording.” She was traumatically triggered by the ocean sounds that thrust her back into the pool at the time she was being drowned by her father. It was obvious to me what caused the horrible abreaction. I explained this to her, and she agreed it was probably the case. We came up with a plan for better background sounds for her and customized her own recording that was consonant with her needs and safe considering her sensitive background.

Early on from this incident, I learned about the importance of customized recordings to accommodate the sensitivities of my clients. Whether or not it is for cultural, religious, social, particular stressor or trauma, customizing recordings for one’s needs and goals are critical for true relaxation and healing to take place.

Today we are launching my new system simplifying the process of developing your own custom relaxation and goal attainment audio. For the months of July and August, I am offering a discount EXCLUSIVELY to my subscription audience. When we create your custom audio, it becomes a gift that keeps on giving. Your custom therapeutic audio it can be used over and over, daily to help you get through your challenges and gain more relaxation and control in your life.

If you are interested in developing your own personalized recording, CLICK HERE to find out more about our custom audios. Once you pay the deposit you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire and I will get in touch to schedule the coaching session with you. Since you are a subscriber receiving this email, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on your whole order.  Your discount code is: CUSTOM10

Happy listening!

With Gratitude,

Rus Devorah

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