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Returning to the “WOW,” we are now at Social Solutions. As you may recall from the post, “Give Me Either Friendship or Give Me Death,” (HERE) being sociable and having friends and people in your life are literally life-saving. As we mentioned, then, The Chofetz Chaim in his book called “Ahavas Chesed,” says that “Friends are valuable for happiness.” When we have friends (including four-legged ones) feeling connected and safe with another causes the brain to release a neuropeptide hormone called oxytocin. This is the bonding hormone that wires us as social beings.

In the strata of creation, there are four realms. Domeim, which is the mineral kingdom, Tzome’ach, which is vegetable,  Chay, which is the animal kingdom, and M’daber, which is the human realm. The word m’dabeir for this kingdom does not literally meet human. In this typology, it literally means “the speaker!” Why? Because speech is a social vehicle, a means of connecting with people. Human beings are the only creation that has verbal, intelligent language and speech. That allows us to connect with one another and share information. There may be other animals that are intelligent and can receive and understand communication, but it is only the human being who is blessed with the capacity for intelligent and conscious speech. King Solomon said, “Ha chayim v’hamaves b’yad halashon – life and death are at the mercy of the tongue.” What does this mean? A person can love and heal, or God forbid do the opposite and kill or harm a person through speech. In chapter two of Bereishis – Genesis, the verse says, “And the L-rd G-d formed the man from the dust of the earth and He blew into his nostrils nishmas chayim – the breath of life, and man became a living soul.” The Aramaic interpretation or Targum of the Torah from Onkelos says the person became a “speaking spirit.” The Kabbalah in our delineation of the four strata of creation mentioned above, calls humankind “the speaker.”

Since we are blessed to be created in G-d’s image, created the world through His power of speech through the Ten Caveats of “Let there be light,” “Let there be darkness,” etc. We should utilize our human and G-dly faculty of speech to bring goodness and kindness into the world. May we be able to help our fellow feel safe through our speech and elevate our neighbor with kind speech.

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