How to Chill Without a Pill

As we move around the NOGA Wellness Solutions® – Wheel of Wellbeing,™ we arrive at “Stress Solutions.”

Managing stress is something that everyone in the 21st century needs skills for. If you are not in a sub-Saharan tribe of basket weavers or circle drummers, it is likely that you own a digital device. Invariably, it has 21st Century, digitally distracting qualities that pull your attention away and add to your stress response. Unfortunately, our digital equipment become our ‘weapons of mass distraction.’ Earlier in our blog, we discussed the Three-Legged Stool approach to relaxing the body, calming the mind, and soothing the soul. This is one of my basic systems for self-regulation and stress reduction.

Prior in our blog, we discussed many means of stress management via the body, mind, and soul – meditation, relaxation, cognition, breathing, “bitachoning” and more. If you recall as we began discussing our “Wheel,” we mentioned the activity that I call, ”Stop, Look, and Listen.” (HERE) This is a “meditation in the moment” that helps you pull yourself back together very quickly by becoming mindful of the moment and attending to your immediate needs. Prior to that, we spoke about breathing slowly in through the nostrils, and out slowly through either the nostrils or a pursed mouth hole (HERE). This helps calm the body and slow down its physiological systems. My signature practice for the “body” leg of the “Three-Legged Stool,” I call the “Breathing Contest.™” (HERE) It’s a great activity to practice at bedtime as well as before or while something stressful occurs. It is extremely helpful when we are activated with our bodies in high gear. Prior to that, I talked about various meditative techniques such as “The Expanding And Contracting Focus Meditation™” (HERE) as well as, “The Beginners Meditation On The Breath.™” (HERE)

Finally, with the third leg of the stool, we discussed having Bitachon for stress management for our souls as well. Why? Worry, stress, anxiety, fears, and phobias are a result of our lack of confidence in ourselves and in Hashem.  Feel free to please take advantage of the NOGA Wellness Solutions® Stress Solutions throughout the website – (Relaxation and Meditation audio, Inspirational Infusion memes, and more!)

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