11 Points in the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Request for Therapeutic Meditation

In this installment, I will be sharing the 11 general points the Rebbe brings up in his communications with medical and mental health professionals (as well as in the public address of July 8, 1979 – Yud Gimmel Tammuz, 5739).

I teach my clients kosher meditation techniques based on these recommendations.

Especially now, when many of us are dependent on digital technology, there are more distractions. Accordingly, I believe anyone who uses electronic devices can benefit from learning these techniques and applying them to their daily life. The Rebbe was truly prophetic when in his talk in July of 1979, he pleaded for therapeutic meditation stating, it was “like medication” and “it will save countless lives.”

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In the early ‘60s, when neuroscience was in its infancy, and then again in the ‘70s, the Lubavitcher Rebbe reached out to individuals, and then to a large group of medical and mental health professionals with a request.  Since many Jewish people searching for spirituality and ‘peace of mind’ found solace in Transcendental Meditation, (TM) Hare Krishna, and Buddhism, etc., the Rebbe asked health professionals to develop therapeutic techniques, similar to TM without the Eastern religious carryover.  It was a very prescient request in those years when neuroscience departments in universities were just opening up, and meditation was considered, “way out.”

Since the Rebbe’s call, many hundreds of thousands of Jews and other monotheists have unwittingly participated in idolatrous meditation formats.  Had other, religiously neutral options been available at the time they began practicing, they may have chosen that format.  However, as Dr. Natan Ophir in his very detailed analysis of the Rebbe’s request, says, “Did the Rebbe precede his time or was his request unrealistic? Put simply, is kosher, scientifically verifiable, Jewish meditation a desideratum?” (B’Or HaTorah Journal, vol. 22, 2012–2013, p. 121)

As many of you may be aware, I have been developing kosher relaxation and meditation audios since before Dr. Ophir’s article came out.  I contacted him and informed him of my work.  I have continued studying the Rebbe’s writings and talk about this and other “kosher” holistic approaches.  There are very clear general guidelines the Rebbe repeatedly requests for this, seemingly easy assignment.  Although the Rebbe’s request was over 50 years ago, in the ‘60s, and although small efforts have been attempted by various individuals, I have made it my mission to bring this critical information and healing method to the fore.

 CLICK HERE to directly download the 11 points pdf

Please share any thoughts you have about the Rebbe’s holistic approach to therapeutic meditation.


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– Rus Devorah Wallen, Founder

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