Gigs, Travel, and Divine Providence 🙌🏻

I apologize for the lapse again, the last several weeks have been very wonderfully inspiring. First, as I told you in my previous entry (HERE) that I was going to the annual NEFESH conference in Long Island. There were many crazy things that happened, such as getting stuck in my home airport for nine hours and missing my original presentation slot. However, they were able to fit me in to the schedule and I was able to present do my three-hour Epigenetics and mental health presentation on Sunday morning. I will be presenting this talk again live this Friday (the 19th). The recording of this talk will be available after the event if you are interested. (CLICK HERE to see it)

And just less than a week after NEFESH, I was Florida bound where I have been for almost two weeks. (This newsletter will come out the day we “shuffle off to Buffalo,” if weather permits 🙂). While on a semi vacation with my sister, I’m seeing clients and doing events. Last Thursday I went down south from Orlando to Hallandale to spend Shabbos around “my people.” Thursday afternoon, I was in conversation with Eli Nash on his podcast, “In Search of More.” Thursday night I gave a talk on communication that I called, “Did You Hear What I Meant?” Then, Friday I spent Shabbos in the home of a wonderful Chabad family who ended up being practically related to me through an interesting divinely provided opportunity. I felt so at home there, that I became like part of the family, connecting with babies, toddler, teens, and adults of various ages. The host was very excited by the connections that were so easily developed.

After the Shabbos day meal, I gave an afternoon class to the women of the Hallandale community – which were such an eclectic bunch! There were women from Uzbekistan, Russia, Israel, Europe, all over the United States, native Floridians, and more! I don’t know how it was possible, even though the flyer only went out Wednesday on WhatsApp before Shabbos, the class was so well attended, that they had to keep bringing out more chairs as people arrived. There I spoke about the current month of Shevat, the connection with the leadership of the Rebbe, its special occasion with Tu BiShevat, as well as a short thought on the Torah portion (Va’era).

After Shabbos, I was “supposed to” be picked up by someone from Coral Springs, where my next event would be, but it was close to an hour away, and the person would have had to leave immediately as Shabbos ended to get back in time for my performance. This was a Melave Malka with song and sharing. By Divine Providence, the mother of my host was in Hallandale from Coral Springs and was able to obviate the need for the long commute for my “chauffeur!” This proved quite Providential as well because it gave us an opportunity to connect privately, since the Shabbos tables were busy and lively. Sunday morning, a new friend from NEFESH picked me up for a reflexology and brunch date, and through another clearly provided Divine support, she drove me to where my sister would be picking me up – right near her own home! My sister came down from Orlando to meet up with other “cousins,” who were related to the whole fascinatingly, complex situation with my host’s family! We visited and went out to dinner. When we arrived, the mashgiach (Kosher supervisor) shouted, “Rus Devorah!” Then he saw and recognized my sister as well. This man had lived in our own Buffalo Jewish community, just a few years ago.

Although I cannot chronicle all the amazing things that occurred in the past two weeks, I am thoroughly reinspired and reinvigorated. Excited by all the revealed blessings of Divine Providence during this trip, I feel so blessed to be able to be back “on the road again,” doing my thing! The Lubavitcher Rebbe asked us to “Open our eyes” to see the miracles. By making the effort to open our eyes, we actually allow ourselves to see Hashem’s Providence. Blessings to my virtual audience here as well, and hopefully, we’ll be back on track in two weeks.

We love hearing from you, please feel free to leave your comments below.

With Gratitude,

Rus Devorah

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