Question – How Is What You Do Part Of Torah?


“Could you please tell me how your teaching is part of Torah, thank you.”

My Answer:

This is not for a short note, but I can explain the basic reason my brand is Toratherapeutics®. And thanks for the question.
My client base is primarily Torah observant Jews – men, women, and children. I always have non-Jews and non-religious Jews in my practice as well, but they are in minority. People come to me because I am Torah observant. For the majority of my clientele, I need to make sure my work is consonant with the Torah lifestyle, and that I do not teach or create materials that go against the Torah, G-d forbid (like some uninformed religious therapists I know may send their clients to “Mindfulness” classes, audios and apps unwittingly. The “M” word is a buzzword these days with Buddhist origin (see the Wikipedia entry for “Mindfulness” – 
For many years, I have seen how the Torah’s prescience knew all of the best therapeutic concepts for since its beginnings, as well as all the commentaries, up through Chassidic philosophy. My therapy clients get a Torah perspective, and I work with Rabbis to maintain a Torah-observant and Torah consonant practice. Please click around on my website where there is a lot that demonstrates my Toratherapeutics® brand. In addition to writing with a Torah bent, I create educational materials under Rabbinic supervision. For instance, my NOGA® Sound Solutions audios are under the Rabbinic Supervision of Rabbi Yehoram Ulman – Senior Judge of the Beis Din of Sydney, Australia. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the endorsement reference: I have created these since other meditation audio is in “Mindfulness” apps and often has Buddhist or Hindu elements included in the audio (such as singing bowls, etc. – See ask RD page).
Additionally, feel free to check out my “T for 2 – My Torah Thought for 2 Minutes…(more or less).”  I’m on my 4th season through the Torah portions. Many of these Torah thoughts discuss Positive Psychology from the Torah’s perspective, Neuroscience from the Torah, Breathing for wellness showing Torah sources, etc. 

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