Keeping it Kosher: Navigating Healing & Spirituality Within Judaism w/ Rus Devorah Wallen

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On this episode of the In Search of More podcast hosted by Eli Nash, special guest Rus Devorah Wallen delves into her transformative journey towards observant Judaism and shares insights into effective communication within relationships. Reflecting on her transition from a reform background to embracing observant practices, Rus Devorah underscores the significance of intentional dialogue, including mirroring, validating, and empathizing. She advocates for cultivating safe spaces for difficult conversations and emphasizes the importance of self-sufficiency in relationships. The discussion also delves into her considerations regarding the compatibility of astrology with Jewish beliefs and her approach to navigating spiritual practices in a nuanced manner. Throughout the conversation, both Eli and Rus Devorah stress the importance of informed guidance, collaboration between professionals and community leaders, and clear communication within the mental health and spiritual communities.


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