How the Rebbe Saved Me Three Times with Meditation!!!! Part 2

 (Part 2)

In part 1 of, “How the Rebbe Saved Me Three Times…,” I discussed my “Stroke of Good Fortune” and how the meditation techniques that I studied, developed and practiced, came in handy when I had the stroke, four years ago.  I am so grateful, daily when I think back on the situation. The benefits were visible when I first realized I had the stroke, I was able to be extremely composed and present.  Then, as I used my breathing techniques in waiting for the and while I was in the ambulance, my visualizations and slow, relaxed breathing in the emergency room, guided imagery while in the very noisy MRI, and then while hooked up to many medical gadgets in the neuro-ICU. This was actually the third time I believe I was saved by the Rebbe’s request for kosher meditation techniques.

The first saving grace was after I had been meditating for years, accidentally using the mantra that was the name of a Hindu deity. It happened that just before I met a rabbi on campus, that summer the Rebbe gave the talk requesting the kosher format since many people were ensnared into using a TM without knowing the ramifications. (Please see my two articles: MEDITATION? But I’m Jewish! – Part 1 and Part 2 for background.) Fortunately, I was able to stop before I got further entrenched in the practice. I had been doing this for years, 20 minutes each day for four years!

The second time the Rebbe saved me was when I started developing neutral meditations for myself and clients, and literally being able to save lives. At this point, I can proudly say that my meditations, recordings and techniques have helped literally thousands of individuals who have attended workshops, individual clients, students and friends.  When the Rebbe said at the end of the Sicho (public address) of the 13th of Tammuz, 5739, July 1979. (CLICK HERE to read it)

And thirdly, and most recently most relevant now is that when four I had a stroke when I was alone.
(CLICK HERE to read my last blog entry for details)  I was able to stay calm during the whole ordeal.  To such an extent, that when I was in the ambulance, the EMT kept telling me to calm down. (I actually think that he was more nervous about me more than I was.) He kept telling me, “Relax lady.” I told him, “I am.”  “But I have to put your blood pressure cuffs on and I have to give you IVs!” I said to him, “Go ahead. No problem.” He pumped up my blood pressure and saw that it was 120/78. His eyes bugged out, and thought his machine was broken. I explained to him that I was breathing slowly and that I meditate regularly, so I have a very low resting heartbeat and good blood pressure. This is the third time the Rebbe saved me through meditation. The whole hospital stay, 48 hours of noisy machines and 24 hour people coming in and going out, I needed all of the skills and techniques to be able to do well in the hospital. While in the ICU, I practiced my relaxation and meditation techniques, and made a commitment to Hashem that I would guard the priceless vessel He gave me.  In less than a 48 hour hospital stay, my mental, spiritual, and physical life made a drastic lifechanging pivot, on a dime.

In gratitude for the blessings in my life, I’d like to share a free download of either of my guided imagery tracks from NOGA Sound Solutions, volume 1.  The Beach Scene (with my voice) or The Forest and Stream (with my husband, Eli Wallen’s voice). Free until June 21st.

Enjoy your download!

With Gratitude,

Rus Devorah

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