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In our recent posts, we have been talking about the importance of self-care. We mentioned the NOGA Wellness Solutions®’ holistic approach, comprised of eight areas of lifestyle practice that can contribute to overall wellness as well as mitigate many pre-existing medical conditions.

They are:
1) Movement or Exercise,
2) Intellectual Stimulation and Brain Development,
3) The Effect of Environment and Surroundings,
4) Food: What we eat, how much and when we eat,
5) Stress Management and Self-Regulation (which in the work I do comprises a very large component of what I do with meditation, neuroscience techniques, conscious breathing, and relaxation techniques),
6) Sleep quantity and quality,
7) Spirituality or Religious Involvement, and
8) Relationships and Community.

In the next few installments, I will be focusing on Stress Management and Self-Regulation. Although each of the areas of lifestyle practice is necessary for overall wellbeing, I believe learning basic concepts, tools, and techniques for self-regulation, one is better able to attend to the other areas of wellness with greater ease and commitment.

In the 3 welcome emails, we mentioned my “Three-Legged Stool” approach to self-regulation. It is based on the premise that each of the three main areas of holistic wellness (body, mind, and soul) needs bolstering to maintain emotional equanimity, physiological homeostasis as well as the confidence to not worry unnecessarily – trusting that “G-d has your back.”

I would like to begin our focus on the basic conscious awareness of breathing for wellness. Although many of us think we’ve been doing a great job breathing our whole lives, it is likely in our 21st Century (COVID era, especially), that we are not breathing optimally for health. Much of the “breathing” literature explains how our unique stressors, as well as pollutants, body image, and many more factors, play in the role of inefficient breathing or breathing that leads to unhealthy states. There are many schools, and complete methods of breathing for regulation based on nasal breathing – The Buteyko Method is one. Nasal breathing is beneficial for many health-related reasons as well as to calm and regulate heartbeat, blood pressure, vagal tone, and more. My “Basic Breathing for Beginners”™ and my “BREATHING CONTEST”™ are based on Buteyko principles. Here are my basic breathing recommendations for day-to-day breathing.


  1. Close your mouth 🙂
  2. Breathe through your nose
  3. Slow it down
  4. Exhale longer.

That’s all! Feel free to visit NOGA Sound Solutions® volume 1 for my FREE “Instructions for Breathing Techniques” to develop better conscious breathing habits. Next time, we will delve further into the benefits of conscious breathing and share more tips and tools.

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CLICK HERE for my “Basic Breathing for Beginners”™
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With Gratitude,

Rus Devorah

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