Why Toratherapeutics® ?

why toratherapeuticsTORATHERAPEUTICS® – A Torah Inspired Approach To Holistic Growth & Healing

Toratherapeutics® is in my blood, it is what I eat, drink, and sleep. Since before I was a therapist in 1991, I kept noticing so many therapeutic ideas in The Torah and its commentaries, it was uncanny! In my early days of becoming a therapist (1991-1992), I found that religiously observant Jews avoided going to professionally trained therapists for various reasons. One such reason was that secularly educated therapists might be clouded and sullied by foreign concepts, possibly antithetical to The Torah’s teachings. When I kept seeing the “Toratherapeutic” in a Torah verse or a concept, it then made sense to bring the two together, ‘marry them’ in my practice. I feel a particular mission or shlichus to make therapeutic concepts available to those who need a Torah based and Torah consonant mode of therapy. Over the years, I’ve not only gleaned “m’tzios – finds” in the Torah that are extraordinarily therapeutic, I regularly utilize many of the such concepts to benefit my primarily observant clientele.

Hence, I have over the years developed what I call, “Toratherapeutics®: A Torah Inspired Approach to Holistic Growth and Healing.”

Dear friend, either new or old, please, click around and grab a few nuggets. I hope to be able to share with you some of the concepts I’ve incorporated in my life’s work and inspiration, as well as give you practical, easy to use tools for self-growth. Let us know what you think about our growing site and what you might like to see here.

We warmly welcome your comments.  Thanks for visiting!
– Rus Devorah Wallen, Founder

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