NOGA® Aromatherapeutics™


NOGA Wellness Solutions® in partnership with Earthwise Medicinals™ is presenting a family of aromatherapy products. NOGA® Aromatherapeutics™ uses pure, sustainably sourced materials to create healing aromas to enhance wellbeing. These healing formals can be used to enhance wellness and to improve energy, increase relaxation, and promote restful sleep. These purse size roller bottles are filled with a concentrated aroma and provide 120 applications per bottle, this is a total of 360 applications in every package of three! Choose from our trial size selections below or send us an email to order larger quantities.
Energize Formula:
This warming and uplifting formula can be used for an uplifting effect and for a mild boost of energy and alertness anytime of day or night.
This light and relaxing formula can be used to enhance relaxation and to help soften everyday tensions.
This deeply calming formula can be used to promote enhanced relaxation and deep restful sleep.
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