I’m A Social Worker – (I’m Social and I Work.) 😉

For those who know me well, I am a social and gregarious person, which is why I became a social worker. I enjoy being social and working with people – “I’m social and I work 😉.” Recently, I’ve been fortunate to reconnect with others in person after the “post-pandemic” era. The past 3 1/2 years have been a blur, and the hardest part for me was the “social distancing,” which kept me away from travel, performance, social events, and loved ones. Now, thankfully, things have opened up, and I have been able to travel more for my programs and ability to entertain which I love so much.

In our W.O.W. (CLICK HERE to download), particularly in the Social Solutions wedge (HERE), we emphasize the importance of maintaining connections with others. Humans were initially created as a couple, as social beings. As the Torah (Genesis 5:2) says, “Male and female, created He them.” Additionally, in the Holy Tongue, humans are called by an unusual term, “m’daber,” which literally means “the speaker,” emphasizing our social aspect through communication and connection. We know the specificity of the language of the Torah. There are several other more “accurate” or typical translations of the word human or person (such as ish, enosh, gever, adam, etc.).

The Chofetz Chayim, in his book Ahavas Chesed says, “Friends are valuable for happiness.” Our thoughts and feelings are influenced by neurotransmitters that modulate hormones in our systems. Oxytocin, known as the bonding hormone, is released when we bond with friends, loved ones, or pets. Pleasant “squirts” of this and other neurotransmitters and hormones increase happiness and other positive emotions. Some neuroscience researchers propose the existence of “mirror neurons” that reflect peoples’ feelings one person to another, which is a concept also mentioned in King Solomon’s words (Proverbs 27:19), “Just as water reflects face to face, similarly does the heart of one reflect into the other.”

Recently, I attended a retreat with Shelly Dembe (https://shellydembe.com) for my own personal rejuvenation and to be with like-minded women. It was a much-needed break from my busy routine of helping clients, teaching, research, creating courses, etc. While I practice self-care throughout the week (and you know this is an important value for me) this opportunity to receive care and support for a few days was a luxury I deeply appreciated. (CLICK HERE to read it).

Let’s not forget to connect with our loved ones, and if we lack such connections, we must seek them out. As Choni HaMagel said, “Chavrusa O Misusa! – Give me either friendship or give me death!” (CLICK HERE to read it)

For the month of August, I’m offering my Friendship book for free:

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With Gratitude,

Rus Devorah

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