The Beginner’s Meditation on the Breath – A Metaphor for Life in the Now

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Today I am sharing a short animated video which is a fun and basic explanation of what my “Beginner’s Meditation on the Breath”™ is all about. In addition to being a basic beginner’s meditation, its language is actually a metaphor for living life in the present moment; for living in the NOW. Watch it below. This animated short video is not the actual meditation, but in it, you’ll learn about the benefits of simple meditation, as well as the mechanics of what one needs to do to practice this meditation. Additionally, in this entertaining piece (thanks to the creative animation genius, Annita Soble) you will see what happens to the individual while he or she is practicing a simple meditation.

Also, please CLICK HERE to enjoy a download of a more in-depth description of the “Beginner’s Meditation on the Breath.™”


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