Question – Sleep Recordings


“I often have worrisome thoughts before going to sleep and have insomnia. Someone gave me what she called sleep recordings on YouTube. Some of them have music, some of them have nature sounds, but they have a thing that they call “binaural beats.” What are those and do they really work?”

My Answer:

Funny that you should ask 🙂 If you will look at Volume 2 of my NOGA® Sound Solutions album at this link, the whole album is devoted to sleep recordings combining nature sounds with binaural beats. I’ve used them for many years; my clients and others swear by them and enjoy these recordings. Sometimes I personally use them. Binaural Beats require headphones, earphones, or earbuds to get the desired effect. In our NOGA® Sound Solutions shop, there are sleep recordings, but there are others with binaural beats in our store as well.
The Binaural Beats follow a particular program. If the person is going to come back to day-to-day life and work, we don’t bring the binaural beats down to lower the EEG waves to a sleep state. We bring the person from relaxation back to a waking state.
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