Question – Singing Bowls


I’m a licensed therapist. “Someone told me there’s a problem with the Tibetan singing bowls. I see in the above question, that there was a problem with beginning and ending meditation with them. However, if you’ve ever heard them, they have a very beautiful sound. Additionally, some people use them for sound healing. What’s a Fellow Therapist to do?”

My Answer:

LOL! Have I ever heard them? I own three of them, but they are made out of crystal quartz, and I know for a fact I am the first owner. I had a gentleman from Crystal Tones go into the warehouse and play them over the phone for me to choose. They were brand-new, I know the provenance, I am the first owner.
The metal ones from Tibet or India are made of a certain metal alloy. Often the combination of the metals included in the alloy has some Eastern mystical content. These bowls are not merely musical instruments, they are specifically made to be used in Buddhist prayer and meditation. Because the metal ones are made in Tibet or India, we do not use them because they may have been used beforehand in religious practice. Also, as you see in the above response, we are also not allowed to use any bowls to begin and end a meditation.
However, you asked about the beautiful sound of the bowls which is true. If they are played correctly and not hit or played in a shrill way, they have a very soothing and relaxing effect. Since we are made with approximately 70% water, and water is a conductor of sound and vibration, the different pitches (frequencies) actually resonate and vibrate certain parts of the body internally. In this Q&A I’m not going to go into the details of that, but maybe we will cover it in another response.
So, the bottom line is, to purchase brand new, crystal quartz bowls or bowls that you know the exact provenance (of exactly whom they are from, and how they were used). Do not use them to begin and end the meditation, but only use them for sound healing purposes.
To be continued 🙂

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