Rain on Foliage: 30-Minute Sleep Loop with Binaural Beats


Track By Rus Devorah (Darcy) Wallen
Female Voice

According to research, listening to nature sounds, either recorded or on site, can enhance one’s overall wellbeing. It can relax and assist in sleep, lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system, and provide many additional benefits. NOGA Sound Solutions® Volume 2 is a collection of nature loops of 15 and 30 minute lengths to be listened prior to sleep. Our recordings contain binaural beat tracks, engineered to help listeners fall asleep quickly.

Embedded in each 15 or 30 minute audio is a track to entrain your brainwaves to slower and slower frequencies. John Shotwell, my extraordinary engineer, has timed the binaural track to gently drop the brainwaves from waking state of beta, to alpha, then theta, then delta for deep sleep. Choose the nature sounds you prefer and the lengths that work for you.



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